Willie Wiredhand reminds you that electricity, your most helpful servant, deserves a lot of respect. If not respected, it can be a killer. Please heed the following precautions:

Look up and live! Consider any overhead line dangerous and keep objects at least ten (10) feet away. It's the law!

Place plug covers on electrical outlets and make sure cords and appliances are out of children's reach.

Teach children to recognize "Danger - High Voltage" signs, and to stay away from power lines, substations, and pad-mounted transformers.

Flying kites and climbing trees must be done away from power lines.

Do not attempt to raise or move overhead power lines yourself - call NorVal to assist.

Call before you dig! Call 811 to locate underground utilities. NorVal will locate electrical lines to the meter free of charge.

Never go near a downed power line on foot or in a vehicle. It may still be energized.

Keep all appliances, especially hair dryers, curling irons, and radios away from bath tubs, sinks, puddles, and wet hands. Always unplug appliances before cleaning.

Never remove the third prong of a plug-in. It is a ground wire and there for your protection.